I just got out of the bath, the parts of my body that aren’t swollen from steroids, have bones sticking out. Much like the creditors, I haven’t been making enough deposits, and now my body is going Chapter 11.

I’ve traded Jaundice for Anemia, black rings under my eyes included. My skin is no longer yellow, but my skin is so pale I don’t even recognize myself. My kids check my eyes every day to make sure the yellow has lessened. I used to think I’d kill to be super thin, now I’d kill to eat normally.

Diagnosis: Psychically Chapter 11.

Recently, I hired a lawyer to file Bankruptcy. I’ve tried so hard to pay back the divorce debt alone. However, I refuse to have my kids go without, so Orange gets theirs. We’ve gone from the family that vacationed in Europe every year, to a family that has taken food donations. Caution: This can happen to anyone, High-Tech crash, take an underpaying job, getting sick, and then losing the crappy job you had. How many people are immune?

Diagnosis: Financial Chapter 11.

A couple of years ago, I lost a good friend to circumstance. I remember being so depleted by his rejection, I lost my center. The pain of losing my friend and his laughter still rips my heart open. In addition, my kids have been through the ringer with doctors and schools. Every time the phone rings during school hours my heart drops. I am not happy being forced to give my kids Ritalin and Respond. I hate it, and my kids hate the meds.

Diagnosis: Emotionally Chapter 11.

A few months ago, I thought my only way out was via the Heverah Hakiddisha, I could not see a way out from the debt. In February, all my systems crashed, my eyes glowed in the dark, and the doctors were grim. Now I want to be able to eat, and to LIVE.

Money is only money, but the love of your child means everything.