When I was a kid, you couldn’t talk about who was hurting, bullying or calling you names.

Therapy is hard, but it makes you come to terms with shit you don’t want to talk about. Like growing up believing your mom wasn’t even on your side. Hell in High School, somebody drew a picture of Yassir Arafat over my desk. They also left a brochure about Mein Kampf on my desk, kids suck. You should read what people wrote in my year book, unreal.

“Ignore it” my mom said. So what if they called you kike, fat, ugly, and stupid (none of which I was besides a Kike). But you know what, my Grandma said the same thing to her, “Just Ignore It”.

Here’s the thing, when were adults, we choose to ignore it, we choose to be silent, WE CHOOSE. Children don’t choose to be made fun of, children don’t choose to be laughed at in homeroom (yeah they used to laugh at how big my breasts were), and children don’t choose to want to die.

When your child comes to crying because he was called dumb, take a stand.

That’s why Glee Rocks! They honor the weak, the different, and the “losers”. Shouldn’t we all.

October is anti-bullying month, take a stand, I am.