There is an old joke, about “What’s the difference between a Catholic mother and a Jewish mother?”. Answer: “The Catholic mother was born feeling guilty, the Jewish mother was born to make you feel guilty”.

True story, that’s why up-to-now I didn’t sue my ex. I didn’t want to be that story to be my story. So I’ve always tried to take the guilt on myself.

This is the simple reason I never sued Oren for child support, I did not want to be the bad guy. For the first time in my life, I felt pure anger, without guilt.

Oh how that backfired on me. Instead of being the bad guy, I’ve turned into the friar (sucker). We (I) got another bill this week for something Oren was supposed to pay, and didn’t, in my name. Rack another 15,000NIS in my name up. Kind of the turning point to bitch for me. Then I called to ask him about minimal child support, and he laughed in face. Then Yoni told me today that Oren and his new wife are going on their honeymoon in Cyprus. Finally, this asshole told the told the family therapist that “if she died, I would send the boys to boarding school”. Something switched in me, or maybe switched off.

I’m not doing this anymore, it takes a lot to break me, but this comment about not taking care of children I fought 6 years to bring into the world because his sperm was crap. Five years of hormones and treatments, and he’d send them to boarding school, well fuck you and fuck off.

End of story.