My love, my Jedi, I’m finally moving on, or at least trying. It has taken two years, and I still love you, but I must move forward.

How many of my definitions have changed because of you, definitions of myself and definitions of love.

You changed my compass of myself, of what’s important, of what the human spirit is, so I’m moving on to maybe something new. I love you and you are so ingrained on my heart. You are always be with me. However, I’ve been crying for over 766 days, and he almost makes me feel like you did.

He wants to look at me, and tell me I’m beautiful, and look at me the way you did.

So I’m going to try to start fresh (sigh again).

You are always with me, I will always look out for you in anyway I can. I love you madly and without out shame. Sadly, love isn’t enough.

Now I must rebuild my career and my private life. My career will fall into place, and my personal life, and well he makes me laugh. He’s as uptight as you, he has the same twinkle of mischief in his eyes, and he kisses me like you used to, with purpose and with love.

Sometimes I wish he was you, but if he was you, then I’d be crying underwater with goggles (which I still do from time-to-time). You will always be the one I miss the most, but I miss too many people in my life. I can’t miss anybody anymore.

I love you, wish me G-dspeed. Hope for the best for me, hope I smile at him, like I smiled at you on the beach.

You are always with me, F&A