Warning, don’t read this if swearing is offensive, I’m about to let one rip ****************************************************************

Fuck you, mother fucker, My mother was right, you are so far below our level, who the fuck leaves their kids without out food for a week when their ex-wife has lost her job. You stupid fucking asshole, I’ll see you in court. What the hell makes you think that your not responsible for your own children, on what shitty planet do you live.

Your son spat on me, he hits me, he kicks me, and I’m only trying to love him and trying to repair the damage you’ve done. Yoni said to me, “Abba said to me you were a zona “whore”. How nice considering I was always faithful and support your ass beyond what was required.

So yeah, I’m a whore to loving my children. You suck bull balls, while we won’t be eating this weekend, you selfish mother fucker, I will be seeing you in court, so fuck you, fuck off, and anything you get, you deserve.