I didn’t go to therapy today. I was scared they’d say what my mom would have, “you’re just like your father”.

But I’m not, I work hard, I support my children, I love them to the depths of my soul, they are my life, I would never break them.

37 years on, when it comes to relationships and men, I’m still broken This thing with my dad has effected me and my entire life. I don’t know how to let go and trust. What’s worse, is that my dad taught me I wasn’t worthy of love, so I settle.

I mean who is going to love me after what my dad did, is it even possible.
The moral is, love your children, hug them, kiss them, and never ever say things that will effect their body image, sexual image, and most important, who they are morally.

Your daughter will always love you, but she will never recover if she feels like you never loved her. Take it from an expert.