“You’re not what I was excepting, you curvier than I thought. So I’m not interested”.

Well fuck you and fuck off asshole. I swam 4K today, and I don’t need your approval or your rejection, more than that, I don’t need your erection. Seriously Fuck off, but thanks for the wine.

I spent 5 years forcing myself to throw up over a toilet bowl because I hated myself. I am 5’8’ with a line backer build and was 140lbs for 5 years, because everything I ate, I made myself throw up. Then I spent 10 years being overweight because I was unhappy in a bad marriage. Now I’ve spent almost a year, working my friggen ass off to be at a healthy weight., and this douche bag comes along, seriously, you’re over 40, never married, and have a kid you don’t even feel connected too, I mean really, you think you got the short end of the stick, oh fuck off.

Men are seriously retarded. They only think with the part of their brain that sticks out, oh wait, that’s not their brain. Sorry, this guy pissed me off, if only because our daughters are going to have to deal with these assholes. Did I mention he made himself 5 years younger than he is, um, double standard comes to mind.

I’m a sexy, 40-year-old, who swims all the time. I, for sure, don’t need to hear this from a low life that can’t even commit to his daughter. I really hope that his daughter never has to deal with an asshole like her father.

Dude, just say, “there’s no chemistry”, because there wasn’t. Big friggen deal, lately I turn enough heads, I don’t need to turn yours (or touch for that matter).

But what a way to send a message to your daughter. Nice work ass-wipe.