I’ve been off for the last few months. Some of it has been about working for somebody that has no respect for you. Well that, and Zoloft almost killed me.

Today my boss sent me one of the nastiest emails he’s ever sent. He was fired a few weeks ago, the other product manager left, and today I have a hearing about my job (not like it’s going to help).

I’ve been ripped down, yelled out, and been treated as his secretary since he took over as my boss. Professionally, he went out of his way to make me feel bad. That’s his style. Beat you down, rather than build you up.

I managed eight people as team leader, I went out of my way, and on my own budget to make them feel good about their jobs. Isn’t that what a boss or team leader does? You want your staff to respond positively. You want them to know you will always have their back. LOL, not here, you’re gone have to fight to get a version of Visio.

In some ways, I am much relieved to leave here. The TW has never had support, which is why the previous writer left. However, I hate failing. I had high hopes. I wanted to make an e-learning center and inter-active help. None of which was supported. I don’t want to go home with my head between my legs, but that’s how I feel.

Nobody can succeed if they’re not supported, I learned this from my marriage. If nobody has your back, to quote Robert Deniro, “forget about it”.

The people here are wonderful, it just seems like they don’t get what I do. Which makes it really really hard. How can you expect respect if nobody cares.

At any rate, I’m tired. A summer with my kids will be good for me. Really, there is no replacement for sitting by the pool and watching your ninjas swim.