Sometimes it helps to shut up.

I have a tendency to say what I think, and often at the wrong time. I also have a very dry sense of humor. It’s a recipe for disaster.  For example, I almost used the following status, “The quickest way to die in Israel, get on a bus”.  I only meant that the drivers are insane, and I often find myself praying I’ll make it to my stop.  But I figured I’d wind up offending somebody so I deleted the sentence.

Yesterday I replied to a thread on Haaretz which almost started a riot. I back my statement. I’m neither a racist nor a hardliner. Anybody that knows me knows I believe in a two state solution.  We lost money on our home when we sold it. We sold it because I didn’t want to live over the Green Line any longer. But apparently saying “@free arab, no you guys just repress women, strap bombs to your children, and would rather live in the year 500.” makes you a Nazi.

Then I told somebody else they shouldn’t base their opinion on the Mid-East solely on Chomsky. I suggested he read Dershowitz.  Wow, talk about getting an earful. I think Haaretz is going to ban me from their Talk Back (in my case Back Talk). I mean to mention Dershowitz must be almost treason to Progressive Liberals. Anyway I don’t mind being hated on Haaretz or the Huffington Post. It’s kind of funny.

I love inappropriate jokes and off the wall humor, as long as it’s not crude. I love It’s horrible because somebody no doubt thought they were giving a great gift.

I tell people I love them at inappropriate times, like just walking down the street or in the middle of an argument. I firmly belive in Loving Out Loud. But in my mind, this is a positive. My kids will never be able to say, “you never told me you loved me”.

Lately I’ve been working on not giving advise and remaining silent. How often do I say to myself, “did I ask for your opinion”? So if I’m saying it to myself, others must be also.

I am enjoying the silence. There is simplicity in not speaking when you don’t need or want something, or when you haven’t been asked a question. I don’t need to hear my own voice that much, and I’m sure others don’t want to either.

Lately I become very agitated when there is too much noise. Sitting in a restaurant or being in a mall are too over stimulating.  The noise is over-whelming.  I’m pretty sure Hell resembles the mall right before a Jewish holiday.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is the power of choosing your words. Especially if you’re a babbler like myself.  I have instituted a new rule, if I’m not speaking from a place of love and kindness I will mindfully select my words before I speak them. When I am angry or upset, I will try to stop and breathe, and only then speak.  This is my new challange to myself.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be looking to start a riot on Haaretz though.

Not merely an absence of noise, Real Silence begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary.
Peter Minard