Don’t watch Glenn Beck if you want to sleep.

On Fridays before I go to swim, I watch Fox News as I fold the laundry, wash the floors, and remove Ninja clutter from wherever they’ve managed to shove it. In spite of myself, I’ve found myself entranced by Glenn Beck. I find myself agreeing with him on issues like George Soros and Bill Ayers. Sometimes I think he sounds like the lone voice of reason in the new world of Progressive Liberalism. Other times I want to smack myself for even listening to him. I mean, what would my Mother and Grandmother say. Last Friday he managed to scare me sleepless for about a week.

I’ve read everything from the Gnostic Gospels to Buddhist texts. I love learning about religions. I find it fascinating. The only book I haven’t read is the Koran. I tried to read it, but it’s way to wordy for me. I found it to be a lot like how Arabs talk, a lot of blessing Allah before you get to the meat of the matter. To be honest, I lack the patience.

So when Mr. Beck began comparing the Christian Anti-Christ to Twelfth Iman I literally didn’t get out of my seat for about an hour. I sat glued to my TV, half in horror and half in fascination.  He paints Ahmadinejad’s master plan of dominating the Arab and Western World as bloody hellish nightmare for Christians and Jews. I wanted to think he was nuts.

Then I turned the channel. Egypt, Bahrain, Tehran, Yeman, Libya, and Tunis are all on fire. There are Iranian Warships passing  through the Suez, Syria has been hiding another Nuclear site, and Nizrallah is foaming at the mouth. Let’s not even talk about the guys on the other side of the security fence. I would like to point out that I am a believer in Land for Peace, if the Peace is real.

A friend even told me that he’s prepared all their survival supplies if there’s a war. I haven’t even updated our gas masks, let alone started buying supplies just in case.

I’ve started to wonder if we’re all not dealing with the reality of the Middle East. Let’s face it, we don’t live a lot different than people in the US or Europe. The region is on fire, and we’re still debating which conversions are Kosher and which aren’t.  Which really won’t matter if in 10 years we have to all wear Burkas. Every time in history the Jewish Nation becomes divided, it brings about disaster.

Maybe 10 years ago I wouldn’t have cared. Now when I look at my boys I filled with fear. I always thought I was fearless.  Surely I would never back down from my principals. I wouldn’t be one of the Jews, who makes Aliya and then leaves. Starting to doubt the strength of my own convictions. Find myself singing “Should I Stay or Should I Go”  ( ironic it was sung by a group called “The Clash”)  and “It’s the End of the World as We Know” It a lot.  The point is moot anyway, Oren will never let me leave the country with the boys (which reminds me, I need to renew their US passports).

The upside, if Ahmadinejad takes over the world, maybe his first missile will land on Leumi Card. Maybe I should send him a map.