One of my resolution for 2010 was to swim 1000K, yep, didn’t happen. But by the end of the week I’ll be over 870K for the year.  I guess that qualifies as a good try.

870K translate to 34,800 laps. That’s a lot of thinking time, a lot of breathing time, and a lot of mulling over the bank, the credit card companies, the ninjas, and a broken but grateful heart time.

I must admit, I love my swim time. I love the quiet. I love watching the people. For example, Old Iraqi guy is a scream. He’s about 90 and has a Elvis toupee which he covers with something that resembles my grandmother’s shower cap.  To top it off he wears a leopard skin Speedo. Classic!

I love listening to the Yentas yack. They’re hysterical, and you know what, they’re getting more play than I am. This one has a boyfriend, that one goes dancing with Moishe, the third drives around on her golf cart with her “friend”. Good to know there’s life after retirement, way after retirement.

I love watching the “techies” (in spite of being one of them). They all show up with their TI caps. They all have the same serious look on their face, and their egos are all about the same size. The majority spend 20 minutes stretching and strutting (in lieu of beating their chests), and then swim 20 minutes. I find it amusing, it’s one of my many LODs (Laugh of the Day). And generally they end their swim session by comparing code in the lap lane.  Priceless!

I love the balance swimming has brought to my life. I love the quiet and the reflection time. I write my blog in the lap lane, or at least I process the information. I talk to the PJ in the lap lane, all the things I wish I could talk to him about on a day-to-day basis. I think through the $$$ difficulties and how I’m going to balance the books while counting strokes. I beat the crap out of the lap lane, because I can’t beat the crap out of Leumi Card and their lawyers.

870K of keeping my head underwater, instead of above it.  870K of finding my balance (I never understood how out of balance I was until I returned to the water). 870K of swimming to myself.

Clayton Jones wrote,  “I always wanted to be Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up.  I can’t fly, but swimming is the next best thing.  It’s harmony and balance.  The water is my sky. ”

I’m looking forward to the next 870 Kilometers, I can’t wait to see what I learn.