I don’t have big dreams, OK maybe one….that the central server at both Luemi Card and their lawyer’s office will spontaneously combust, but yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Right now I’m going to settle for Tim answering his friggen email, and for the lawyer to reach a livable agreement before next Thursday.

But this isn’t about those kinds of dreams, it’s something I don’t talk about, to almost anybody, because it sounds crazy.  Lucky for me, many of the incidents can be documented.

Like most people my sleep cycles differ, during REM I’m either dreaming about my mom, or some fantastic movie script (I really have to learn how to write these ideas down). If I wake up a few hours before the alarm, I often find myself in a half dream state. It bizarre, it’s like being asleep but being semi-conscience.  Or  like being aware of being asleep, and yet being out of your body (I don’t mean that astral projection stuff, way to new age for me).   I’m sure most people have experienced it.

Sometimes when I’m in this state, I have very powerful dreams. For example, when we were living in Rimonim, I would often dream about women being pregnant, before they were showing or had told anybody.  Two occasions stand out:

A couple that had been trying for a few years to get pregnant.  We weren’t very close, and never really spoke. One day her dog got loose and wound up in our yard. When she came to retrieve the giant mutt (believe me it was), I mentioned to her the night before that I had dreamt that she had twin boys.  8.5 months later, she gave birth to two gorgeous bouncing baby boys, coincidence, perhaps.

One set of our neighbors, were, um, let’s say not the brightest apple in the bunch (to quote jimmy buffet, “oh the stories we could tell”).  At any rate, I happened to see the wife outside, and mentioned that I had dreamt about her the night before.  Her response was that she didn’t want to hear it, because she’d forget to take her pills for a few days.  Yep, 9 months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I dreamt my mother had cancer in her stomach (where they discovered her tumor) two months before the ER doctor found the tumor.  You name it, bank managers calling the night before they do, people getting sick, pregnancies, job loses, you name it, I’ve dreamt it about myself or somebody else.

I only dream of people I either live physically close to or people with whom I feel an emotional tie. When I say emotional tie, I don’t even mean like a friend, more like some kind of spiritual connection. It all sounds hokey, BELIEVE me, I KNOW.

So what really is the point to this blog?

Two weeks ago to the day I dreamt of a good friend, being very happy and balanced.  I simply woke with the message that I had to tell him to take care of himself, and that he shouldn’t forget to take care of his own needs. As it turned out, apparently he was figuring that out for himself.

Now it’s a bit of a sticky situation, we’re not really speaking, and haven’t seen each other in about two months.  Generally any mention of anything personal between us results in me with a runny eye makeup, puffy eyes, and snot.  So…..

This morning, Eitan woke up sobbing with a massive ear ache around 3:30 am. I gave him some Kids Nyquil, put him back to sleep, and tried to go back to sleep.  I fell into the “trance sleeping stage” and began to dream.  What I dreamt was so upsetting to me, that I’m exposing myself as a total freak of nature, because I’m hoping the PJ will read this.

Baby,  please take really good care of yourself emotionally. Make sure you’re not falling into old habits, where what you need gets ignored.  As crazy as this sounds, it was like I could feel you last night, and you knew I was there. You once said to me that you would always be with me regardless of what happens. After last night I think that’s true. I want you to be happy and peaceful. In my dream, when you looked at me you were so sad. I know this was a dream, but it was so disturbing to me. I really want you to know, that apparently there is a part of me watching out for you, and hoping that you’re still laughing.

So there you go folks, you’ve all suspected that I’m crazy, and now you know. Hey I wonder if I short circuit Leumi’s card’s server, I can get off on that defense…..<insert evil cackle>.