I don’t do organized religion. I do Jewish Traditions and the universe.  I don’t think G-d is found in a specific cathedral, church, temple or shul. These building merely provide a means to finding G-d.  I believe G-d is everywhere and in everyone.  For me he’s at Frishman Beach.

In our house the word Frishman means a lot of things.  It can be used as follows:

‘Today we’re Frishmaning”, meaning go to the beach.


“Yoni frishmaned me today”.  Meaning he took off without telling me where he was going, and I stood on beach screaming his name like an idiot until some returned my naked son to me.  BTW – Yesterday both ninjas frishmaned me.


It can be used almost as a Mantra.

For me Frishman in holy ground because it’s where I feel closest to my mother. It’s where we spent almost every vacation when she came to Israel.  Laying on beach chairs or floating in the water.  I kid you not when I say, she didn’t want to do anything else.   Hand her good history book, a lounge chair, a beer,  suntan oil and bottle water, and she was good to go for about three weeks. We often joke on the way to the beach, that we’re going to see Grandma. I think the boys think she’s buried there or something.  If Jews could be cremated, right now she’d be floating in Frishman.  How ironic she’s buried in New Jersey.

My kids love it, because it’s the only place I buy them Cola (because I’m a mean mom), and generally they get chips. They get to run around like wild things and scream at the top of their lungs, without me telling them to knock it off.  We jump waves and body surf on what my NJs call mega waves (meaning they are for six year olds).

Sometimes I go swimming off Frishman at night.  I lie in the water and look at the stars, and relax, or I sit on the beach for hours, and I just “be”.  It’s not the most beautiful beach or the quietest, but it my temple.

I read somewhere that each soul creates their own heaven after they die. If that’s true I know what my mother’s heaven looks like….without the dude scream “Artic Artic, Cocho, bananna, tut”. That dude seriously needs a new jingle. She’s lying on the beach under a giant blue sun umbrella with a margarita in one hand and Haaretz (English Edition) in the other.

Hell, Fire, Brimstone, Damnation, Pearly Gates,  ST. Peter are all to extreme for me.  I believe as we create the world we live in, we also create what happens to us when were gone.  When I see the light, I hope I walk through it to find a guy with a kick ass board saying “Dudette,  Welcome to Heavenly Waves”.

But that’s just me.