I have a type.  No big surprise, usually involves a surf board, a bike helmet, an engineering degree and a badass attitude.  What can I say, even at 38 , a guy that knows what an Accessory Man and Barnwaller are,  has got my attention  (see Riptionary.com).  The bike, come on now, you girls know you wouldn’t let your kids ride one, but ain’t nothing sexier than a Roman Surfing god on a fast bike.

And the Accessory man looks like a Roman god http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_IbMG8N7bvBw/SCBsUBL9rgI/AAAAAAAAAbQ/RiQFr3zz5aw/s320/Bacchus.jpg. Beautiful wavy dark hair, thick gorgeous lips, and a body Jupiter would bring the heavens down for (sorry about the preposition).  I mean when I first saw the Accessory Man I about fell over (but I’d been out with Shara and we’d had a couple of glasses of wine, so you know).

The Accessory Man is too funny, he’s smart, he’s successful,  and a all around  good time.  But like all gods, he’s got a couple of vices that ruin everything.  He  is just selfish. Not intentionally, but more like  he doesn’t realize he’s doing it, and if he did he simply wouldn’t care.  Like if it’s between hanging out and catching an A-Frame, girls just step aside,  you ain’t going to win against the call of the ocean.  And you can bet if you don’t step aside, he’s going to knock you over running.

This makes it impossible to take him seriously. I mean he’s like a bag, he’s great to look at, you like it on your arm when you go out, but if it isn’t big enough to hold your stuff, then you’re probably not going to use it very much. And you may only use the bag, when you find yourself bagless,  but you have to put your keys somewhere.

And that is my relationship with the Accessory man, he serves a very specific purpose. He’s fun to go out with and have a drink, and  we have chemistry that could cause a tsunami.  But I will not be using him on a daily basis when schlepping between all the crap that goes on into my day-to-day.  For that I need a bag that is functional. In fact, hanging out with the Accessory man once every 3 0r 4 months is enough to hold you over,  more than that and it would become almost tacky.

For a while I thought this made me a bit, um well, shallow, heck a lot shallow. But you know what, I’ve done a 180 on that cause he’s fun. We have a laugh, and we don’t see each other too often.  It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s nice, and sometimes a girl just needs to laugh, well and pull her Prada out of the closet 😉