There is a reason we carry our children in a sack of water for 9 months, or why we use water to clean ourselves and purify our souls. Why did G-d choose to flood the world, as oppose to redeem it through famine or drought? Even evolutionists believe it/we started in water.

Emerged in water I feel safe. There are no outside distractions, it makes me concentrate on breathing. I begin to count my strokes, to focus on how long I can keep my head down before I must breath.  Even the chanting of stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, breath, stroke settles my mind. I can see clearer because I am focusing on my life force. I focus on air, how much can I take into my lungs and how long can I hold it in before it must be released.  There is no noise besides the sound of water to distract you.  No cell phones, banks, kids, bosses or engineers, just swoosh. There is nothing to distract you but your thoughts.

Coming out of the water, I feel awake. I feel refreshed, renewed if you will. It means I’ve put aside an hour to think as Anna, and not as a title. To be with myself for reflection. I think Noah, between animal feedings, must have done a lot of thinking. He must have sat there among the straws of hay and animals chewing and done some thinking. Cause what else are you going to do when the entire world is under water.

But mostly when I emerge from the water, I feel stronger. I feel like I’ve gathered my strength to walk among  “the birds of the sky and every beast that walks the land”.

I understand why G-d separates the land from water, and why all things come from it. Because when I emerge from it I am rejuvenated, I have a new perspective, and I have spent time separate from all other things.  And mostly because I spent a lot of time thinking about breathing. Water and Air….I promise there is no stronger combination.