I love cave men, I do, it’s my weakness. But in the last 3 years I love them more.

I  love them because I don’t have to guess what they’re thinking. They grunt once for yes and twice for no  (oh wait, I mean no, wait I mean  I know they know I know they mean no). Cave men are amazingly simple. I like that!

What I don’t get is,  why women want men who don’t grunt. Because then women  have to over analyze what they’re saying. It’s simple…Q- “Do you want a beer”…A- Grunt. “Will you take out the garbage?”  A – Grunt Grunt, Sigh, tomorrow.

Ladies, men are simple creatures and require very few things.

1) The remote

2) Beer

3) The Cookie

4) Food

I mean really girls, how hard is that?

I love it because with men, you don’t have to guess. When you go out they say “this is my woman”. I know, it sounds primitive, but at least you know where you stand. No stupid games, like you can’t call for 72 hours, or he paid or you paid. I don’t know how to do that. I know how to do one for yes, and two for no.

I will cook your dinner, clean your house, attempt to make you happy in all the ways mandatory….but please don’t become laflaf. Please just beat chest when you’re happy and go to sleep when you’re not happy.

I promise to no longer bore you with what I bought or how many coupons I cut. I promise to respect you and your realm, but stay out of my kitchen. And that’s me beating my chest.

This I understand….