There are those that say that stripping is an art. I don’t mean like the girls at cherry, cherry, cherry, (but there for the grace of g-d go I) .  I mean like the Burlesque , where shedding each layer draws the viewer or reader into the strippers world. Maybe the Burlesque dancer shows you just enough to make you think.

I’m stripping, this blog is my pole. And I have to tell you, it feels great.  Cause for me, every layer is a layer of dead skin that I need to shed. I know if I can shed it, I can grow into a better stronger person. So here I am, telling you what I really feel, removing layer after layer.

I grew up thinking that if you exposed yourself it was embarrassing, but it’s not, it’s empowering. When you’re down to your core, you achieve freedom. When the money is gone, when the jewelry no longer adorns  you, when your job title no longer defines you that’s  when you’re standing naked in the light, that is a form a baptism.

The truth is I love being naked. This is me, in all my glory, in all my happiness, and yes in all my sorrow. My greatest wish for anybody that reads this is that they strip down to their souls. Stand naked in the light, stand there and take inventory. Here’s what I ask myself when I’m naked:

  • Have I loved and shown love to my children?
  • Have I loved and shown love to myself?
  • Have I told myself I’m worthy?
  • Have I shown mercy?
  • Have I acted with charity and with purpose?
  • Have I served Hashem in the best way I know how.
  • Have I lived my life justly?

For me these are the questions I ask when I stand naked. What questions do you ask?