OK I’m a prude. I believe in traditional values. I believe in a wife and a husband and a house and some kids and a dog and a fence…….that’s what I believe in, sometimes it isn’t what is. Maybe I’ve been in Israel to long, maybe I have way to many Israeli and Italians males as friends. Maybe I get if you don’t come from a “Puritan Society”,  prude is dead.

And maybe I’ve been alone for long enough to understand, that sometimes the car just needs to serviced. Sometimes you just need to have the oil changed. It doesn’t mean you go to somebody that “Jiffy Lubes” the job, but yeah, even the car needs a tune up.  For many many years I didn’t understand the value in checking your oil.  Now I do. I understand that changing the radiator fluid helps you get on the freeway. It helps move through the daily grind of work, swimming, capurerah, etc. It just helps you move.  It gives you the feeling that you’re loved enough that you deal with the day-to-day.

I recently read Steve Harvey’s book about the cookie, and what men will do to get the cookie. Here’s what I learned from my marriage. GIRLS give him the cookie, freely and with a smile. Cause once it’s  gone, even if you’re a prude like me, you miss it. Those few moments when you fly become more rare when you do it on your own.

This I promise you, this I know.