OK , not that prophet, he and I some really big differences…………

I have never been comfortable with organized religions. Maybe because I’ve always felt like I had to straddle the big two in order not to offend anybody. But in my heart, I was my Mother’s daughter and my Bubbie’s granddaughter. And yet, there is an essence of my father’s family that creeps in. I don’t understand why I have to be “religious” in the Israeli sense.  Like everything else  in this country, where is the balance.

Why can’t I have traditional values without being labelled a religious black hat. Why is it wrong to believe the 10 commandments can hang in court-house, and still want a separation of church and state.  And yes, I send my children to a religious school. I want them to pray as Jews. I want them to study Torah, I want them to know the prophets and the ravs. I want them to understand their roots.

But I want them to think freely. I want them to apply their values to the real world, not the world of Mea Sharim. I want them to be comfortable in a Synagogue and to respect the sanctity of  church. I want them to stare at Michelangelo on the ceiling, and not say I shouldn’t be here.

So what does this have to do with dating, specifically, in Israel, it’s tiring. I’m tired of being asked if I’m religious. I’m tired of defending what and howI believe. I believe in G-d, I believe in sanctity of life, I believe in 613 Mitzvot, I believe in atonement, and I drive on the Sabbath. We swim, we go to the beach, and we have a great time using electric items.  NU…………

But mostly I just want to know what happened to balance.