For selfish reasons, cause it make me go places I don’t want to go.  Tonight it was about a family that lost a loved one to cancer.  Great just what I needed. In five days it’s the  anniversary to the date my mom died. Wow four years, is that possible.

When I was  kid, I use to hear my mom talk  about how after she split from my dad she wanted to kill herself.  She told people the shame that she felt made her want to make an early exit. At any age that’s hard to hear. Before I’d go to bed every night, I’d ask her if we could do something together, just so I’d know she’d be there when I woke up. She was my rock, her and my Bubbie.  Everything I have and I am is because they were bedrock.

But sometimes the bedrock shakes, and yes rolls. And the trick is figuring out how to ride the waves. If you can manuever the curls and rips then you’re doing ok. They taught me that  you should  buy 20 rolls of toilet paper and 20 cans  of soup when it’s on sale.  Ensure your house is always in order and clean because you never know when company will stop by. Learn to type and get educated, you’ll always have  a job. Never be dependent on anybody else to make you happy or support you.

There weren’t a lot of happy fuzzy moments in our house, we were never going to take  “Holiday Card” pictures in front a big tree (DAH). They taught me how to live, how to be smart, and how to survive.  They were my family of women.  When I watch Extreme Makeover, two things happens. The first is, I cry cause that’s what you do when you watch it. The second is,  I miss my family of women, only cause they made me who am I. For that I am grateful.