As a general rule, I don’t think online dating works.  I’ve got friends that have been doing it for years. I’ve tried it a couple of time,  I even heard one of the yentas at the pool saying she’s trying it (she’s 70).

Lucky for me, I’ve made some great friends with great people.  The kind of people who leave you crying, because you’re laughing so hard.  Sometimes I just find myself laughing, take the Cameraman.

So I’m tall, but not that tall. I’m only 5′ 8″. But in Israel, this almost counts for giant size where the average woman is around 5′ 3″.  And G-d bless him, my daddy gave me a pair of shoulders like a Line Backer.  And although I generally try to date men that are taller and broader than me, often I find myself dating (and marrying) shorter men.  Lucky for me the my genetic gene pool was donated by some pretty fabulously good-looking donors.

About a year after I split from Oren, I got a message on FB, which read something like, “Hi I saw you on x’s friend list and was enraptured (not kidding, impressive for an Israeli) by your picture.  I was wondering if you would like to have coffee”.

Note – Coffee is never Coffee. “Having Coffee”  is Israeli male code for I’ll make it at my place and serve it to you on a mattress.

So I thought, anybody that uses the word “enraptured” is worth an email. He was handsome and kind of had that bad ass  Rhett Bulter look.  Long story short we wrote a couple of emails, chatted, and smsed.

Turned out he’s a cameraman for the nightly news and a producer for shows like “60 minutes”, and had a gig on Independence Day in Tel Aviv.  I was going to hang out on the beach anyway, as I was minus the ninjas and needed to catch some rays. So it would be a good chance to actually meet for coffee, and I do mean a latte.

The night before we had talked on the phone, and he asked, “so how tall are you”.  So I told him, and he politely asked me to wear heels (and no, I didn’t ask, because I didn’t want to be rude).

Strange I thought…

So the next day I schlepped into TA early in the am.  On Independence Day the roads to the beaches were blocked for about 20 blocks, so it was a walk.  Now mind you, there are 20,000 people on a tiny strip beach.  So as  I’m laying on the beach, worshipping Apollo, I get a sms that says I should walk another 10 blocks through massive sea of bodies cause the cameraman is stuck and can’t get to me.

So I wash up, change, and weave my way through the crowd.  As I’m standing the rendezvous point, this midget walks up to me and says,  “Are you Anna”.  OK so he wasn’t a midget, but he was about 5 feet tall (158 cm) and built like Kate Moss.  For a second, I almost said no and bolted, but as he’d seen my picture that wasn’t going to work.

“Yeah Hi” I say.

The Cameraman looks me up and down, literally walks behind me, checking the assets as it were, and says, “I don’t know if this is going to work”……………(wait for it)…………..”I thought you were taller”.  “If I decide to go out with you again, you’re going to have to wear higher heels”.

It was a short coffee as well.