I never expected to find myself reentering the dating arena,  in fact, nobody expected my marriage to breakup.  We had the house in the burbs (ok the sticks), the kids, the car, the careers, and at one point the dog.  In fact we’d been together since our early 20’s and, defying all odds, we met in a bar.  But, never judge a book by its cover, or a marriage either.  To quote Achebe, Things Fall Apart.

So three years into a separation and a divorce proceedings, I find myself san house, car, and dog, raising twin 6-year-old ninjas.  Between ninjas, work, and the pool there isn’t a lot of time left over for, um that necessary evil, my friends and I refer to as, “servicing the car”, yes for men and dating.

Lucky for me,  while servicing the car, I’ve had some great experience. Great meaning hysterically funny and weird. The kind of stuff that well, I think is worth sharing.

Some of my friends will be shocked,  some will roll their eyes and say figures, but I hope all will be entertained. If you send me your dating nightmares, I will happily post :).

If Gordan Ramsey can turn rats and cockroaches into gourmet kitchens, surely we can turn them in comedic material.